A Great Salmon Software Event
“The Presentation of our State of the Art Treasury Management System - Salmon Treasurer Version 4.5 - to our users at the Convention Centre in Dublin – September 4th 2019"

Salmon Software would like to thank everyone for participating.
It was a pleasure to meet our valued clients again and to demonstrate how their input into the system through our close collaboration with them, helps us at Salmon to maintain our position as a World Leader in Treasury Management Systems.
This collaboration is best illustrated through the presentations our guest speakers, Ruth McCarthy (CEO of FEXCO Corporate Payments) and Shaun Kennedy (Group Treasurer Associated British Ports) gave. Ruth spoke about Open Banking and PSD2 while Shaun spoke about the demise of LIBOR and the advent of its replacement, SONIA. We would like to express our gratitude them both for delivering their engaging and thought-provoking presentations.
Also, we would like to thank The Convention Centre team for their cooperation and help in preparing the venue and ensuring our event was a resounding success
We look forward to seeing you all again!

Photo galery of the event: https://photos.app.goo.gl/4wKi4oEiZnNHzVwV7

Libor Sonia Transition "Doesn't Need to Be Painful"

Given how deeply entrenched Libor has become both in organisations’ daily and longer-term risk and treasury planning, the recalibration has caused something of a stir among market participants. However, for those with TMS in their backend, the transition should be straightforward.

A new article on the transition from the London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) to the Sterling Overnight Interbank Average Rate (Sonia) can be viewed in Press Releases or on Bobsguide 

Secrets of implementing a successful Treasury Management System

In the course of implementing TMS’s in multinational billion dollar corporations over three decades, Salmon Software has developed a number of principles, sometimes radical, to ensure successful deployment.

A new article on implementing a treasury management system from Salmon Software’s Peter Shea can be viewed on Bobsguide.

How to Manage Cash Properly

Cash Management is a term used in everyday parlance by Corporate Treasurers, CFOs and other senior financial people in most medium to larger organisations. Generally speaking they all use the term in the same context and many accompany it with the term Cash Forecasting.

A new article on implementing a treasury management system from Salmon Software’s Peter Shea can be viewed on Bobsguide.

Elite Treasury Management System

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Salmon Treasurer TMS.

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