Cash Management

Automate, overview and control your cash

Reliable Cash Management System

Salmon Treasurer provides a suite of tools for complete and effective Cash Management. This includes giving users a real-time view of current cash positions, carrying out tasks such as reconciliation and short term liquidity planning, cash pooling (both physical and notional) and more.

The system interfaces with all banks, Swift services, and bureaus to automatically import data and statements (including balances and sweeps) in any format. Salmon Treasurer also supports real time connectivity via APIs where available.

Real-time Cash Positions

Automated end of day and intraday statement collection including API connectivity

Automated Bank Account Reconciliation

Automatically match imported data against forecast data already held inside the treasury management system

Drag and Drop Liquidity & Scenario Planning

Simulate cash flows and deals such as foreign exchange and money market deals as well as transfers between accounts.

Cash Management Solution Features

Automate redundant processes


Connect to multiple sources such as SWIFT, Service Bureau, Host-to-Host bank connection & bank APIs

Balance and Transaction Collections

File formats MT940s, BAI, XML; MT942s

Data Analysis

Perform cash analysis like cash by currency, country, entity, counterparty bank and/or currency conversions to group reporting currency, to individual entity currency

Account Reconciliations

Compare your internal account register to your bank statement

What-if Analysis

Simulate cash flows and deals such as foreign exchange and money market deals as well as transfers between accounts

Notional & Physical Cash Pooling

Including interest calculation and allocation, ZBAs & TBAs processing, automated intercompany positions

Bank Statements

Users can view current positions across all accounts using imported data from banks and trading platforms as well as from transactions held within their own system.

Overview statements views include dynamic subtotalling and grouping to easily view exposures and positions by currency, counterparty, or division. Detailed individual account views and multiple account overviews are available. In the detailed statement view, users can see opening balances and all system transactions linked to the account within the defined date range. Full drilldown to underlying transactions is available.

Cash Reconciliation

Salmon Treasurer features a dedicated reconciliation module for matching imported data against forecast data already held inside the treasury management system.

Reconciliation can be accomplished via automated matching procedures, the standards processes are based on payment reference numbers, date and amount. Custom reconciliation procedures incorporating client rule-sets are also possible.

An account statement work view allows the user to easily view and reconcile any required accounts.

Scratch Pad

The Scratch Pad lets users conduct scenario analysis and create ‘what-if’ movements. Users can simulate cash flows and deals such as foreign exchange and money market deals as well as transfers between accounts. The new cash position scenario can then be viewed. A user can also sweep accounts and make transfers between accounts. This includes an approval workflow and seamlessly integrates with the electronic payments capabilities of the system for settlement.

Cash Pooling

Any cash pool structure required can be setup including multi-currency pools. This includes both physical cash pooling such as ZBA structures as well as notional pooling. Salmon Treasurer can automatically identify and import sweeps for physical pooling from the bank statement. For both physical and notional pooling interest schedules can be defined and rates applied as well as providing for tasks such as interest allocation.

Automated Data Imports

The import process is scheduled to run at specific times or it can be set up to check for the presence of files within the source directory, and then trigger the import when a file is detected.

Advanced Reporting

A wide variety of standard cash management reports and dashboards are included with the system, which can also be easily tailored to the client.

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