Financial Planning

Achieve financial stability

and well-being


Cash forecasting is a critical financial management tool that can provide several benefits to corporations.
Customize your Forecasts

Unlimited Cash-flow Types & Flexible Time Horizons.

Automated Integration with any 3rd Party System

Provide the agility and insights necessary to thrive in the modern business landscape

Variance and Trend Analysis

Compare your forecast with actuals and find the causes of deviation.

Financial planning provides a structured approach
to managing your finances, ensuring
that you make informed decisions.

Subsidiaries can be given access to key in forecasts directly onscreen including an authorization process for submitted forecasts as well as the ability to automatically interface and import forecast data from other systems such as ERPs.

Forecast cycles can be defined as a rolling basis for any time periods required, including, daily, weekly and monthly cycles and the system provides an adaptable timeline to view forecast information as well as forecasts originating from treasury activity such as upcoming interest and capital repayments.

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