What is unique about Salmon Software?

First and foremost the depth of our functionality allows us to cover all instruments and a wide range of operational functions, from standard FX to Commodities and specialised instruments such as transportation leasing.

Some may say that this should be expected from any ‘good’ TMS. However, unlike other, so called ‘larger’ providers, our TMS is our signature product. We have focused all of our development into it over the last 30 years. With it being around for such a length of time, the depth of functionality is extremely comprehensive and due to our unending evolution and R&D of the product development it is based on the latest technologies, making it quick and easy to implement, as well as develop.

We are also partly owned by the Irish Government and funding received is channelled purely in to our development cycle. Therefore, unlike ‘Legacy’ solutions in the market or those lacking committed investment from VC owners, we are able to pass the cost savings of our efficient development onto our customers. This makes our solution one of the most cost effective in the market and we believe the technological leader. Our instrument coverage is second to none, our solution is very clear on Data integration and we have very strong UI functionality and reporting capabilities. A TMS (as any other IT system) is only as good as the data it can collect, aggregate and provide reporting upon.

Estimated price for implementation of the system?

In regards to licensing there are two pricing options:
1. SaaS (Cloud based) Monthly or Quarterly fee
2. A One off license and annual renewal fee (client/server). We discount the One off license fee by 25% to reflect the upfront payment commitment of the customer. The SaaS Monthly fee is based upon a formula that includes the full license price and the annual renewal fees assuming a 5 year period of use. However, the actual commitment for use of the SaaS solution is 24 months. Estimates for both licensing payment methods are based upon the number of users required (full and subsidiary users) and the functional coverage (modules) needed to fulfil the requirements for your treasury operations.

Describe the customer support provided for the TMS.

We supply a single point of contact supported by the full support team. Based on our ‘personal service’ strategy, all of our clients have a single point of contact. This person will remain your point of contact during and after implementation. To assist in the effectiveness of our support, from the date of installation of the software, we normally request Secure Remote Access for Salmon Software to access and support the environment on request of the customer. This facilitates swift and immediate response for all issues. Remote Support provides for immediate diagnosis of any problem and in about 98% of cases a resolution with 4 hours of diagnosis.

We have a fixed SLA and response times as well as a record of all support issues logged and tracked that we can make available to our customers via the member site login on our website.

How does the error resolution process actually get supported?

There is 8 help desk support staff in total; 4 are located in Dublin, Ireland and 4 in Central Europe. Standard Support hours are normal business hours. The support function under standard SLA covers 3 general areas: 1. Help Desk, 2. Problem Resolution and 3. Free Upgrades. The help falls into 4 general categories:
a. Errors,
b. Problems,
c. Requests
d. Advices.
We also offer extended support hours on request. This is usually made available for our US clients who are in a different time zone to our normal business hours. In addition we offer a Service Level Agreement. However, we don’t recommend using this because it usually adds additional expense and none of our customers deem it necessary. The Salmon Treasurer system is very robust and does not suffer downtime. Problem resolution is usually related to non critical activities such as new servers, new users or how to do something.
In addition we use remote support access as described above and are very swift to resolution. To date we have not had any client who felt the need to enter into a Service Level Agreement. Call are made into your dedicated customer service team member who registers the call in our CRM for tracking, internal assignment and reporting purposes.

Are upgrades included in the fees and how often are they?

There is one major upgrade a year that is delivered free of charge. The contents of each upgrade are usually based upon development work resulting from customer requests or new industry requirements.
On line Help Documentation is embedded within the system for the new release and Training, should it be required, is also provided free of charge via a webex session. Our customers are automatically licensed to have their own test environment should they so wish and we recommend such an installation be put in place as to have the ability to test new releases themselves, before they are entered into production.

What is the extent of onsite training provided at implementation?

All training during the implementation is provided onsite at the client and is quoted as part of the implementation effort. We usually take the ‘train the trainer’ approach and train 1 or 2 key customer users who then pass on their knowledge of the system to the rest of the team or subsidiary users. Our HelpDesk will also support this effort.

In additional small or topical training sessions can easily be set up via WebEx sessions if so required. We have found this to be an extremely flexible tool in the beginning of the project rollout.

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