John Byrne, CEO at Salmon Software, tells FX-MM editor Peter Garnham why Treasury has never been more important and how technology can improve decision making across organisations.


Byrne makes no apologies for the fact Salmon Software may be one of the smallest of the competitive Treasury Management System
(TMS) providers in the market. It is, he says, a benefit to the firm’s clients since they get a lot of personal attention.

“We don’t have upset customers; we are very protective of them,” says Byrne. “We are also very protective of our reputation and regard ourselves as having technical excellence both on the financial side and the technology side.”

He founded the company in 1986 when Salmon Treasurer, the firm’s TMS system, was “a tiny bit of software”. Now, he says, it is a huge toolkit with multiple instrument coverage.

“It has evolved through instrument coverage, capability, functionality and a whole variety of different technologies, from DOS to windows to the current version,” says Byrne.

Over the years, he says, he has had many competitors that have been swallowed up into the bigger providers, and they tend to be the firm’s competitors now.

“In theory we should not be competing with these guys with the resources they have compared to Salmon. However, the way we compete is through the quality of what we have. We have superior products, superior knowledge, superior implementation teams and superior speed of delivery,” says Byrne.

“That is crucial. For a company of our size, our customer profile is phenomenal.”

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