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Tackling the Complexities of IBOR Transition 45:15

TMI’s Ben Poole speaks to Shaun Kennedy (Associated British Ports), Tassos Dimopoulos (Salmon Software Limited), and Svenja Schumacher (Deloitte) to provide listeners with everything they need to know about the upcoming transition from IBOR to risk-free rates (RFRs).

Salmon Treasurer

IBOR Transition 2:20

The IBOR Transition isn’t going to be an easy ride for any treasurer, especially not for Excel users. Corporates will need, sooner or later, to move to RFRs.

Salmon Treasurer

Cash Management 1:29

Maintain and monitor, in real-time, your positions, accounts, cashbooks and cash flow forecasts and to gain greater control in the management of your working capital, treasury positions and financial risk.

Salmon Treasurer

Treasury Management System 2:23

Find out how Salmon Treasurer can help you with cash management, dealing, intercompany position keeping, liquidity planning, reporting, forecasting and more.

Salmon Treasurer

Dealing Module 2:35

Keep track of your dealing activities and master our dealing module. Our explanatory video will show you the capabilities of our dealing module and it will present you the user-friendly environment.

John Byrne, CEO

Interview TLS 2018 3:14

Enjoy the video of John Byrne, CEO and founder of Salmon software, talking about our participation in the Treasury Leader Summit 2018.

Salmon Treasurer

Cash Management 3:01

Our cash management functionality consists of two separate but depended modules. The import module which is used to insert the source data that are later needed in the account statement module.

Dedicated Treasury Management

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