Martin Watts

Head of Treasury at L&Q Group

"With a fast changing business model it is vital for us to manage and have instant management information and visibility on our banking, cash, treasury and debt positions."

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Treasury Management

Tailored to your Needs

Salmon Treasurer

Cash Management

Cash Management

Bank Statement Automation, Auto Reconciliation, Account Statement Overview, Interest Accruals, What if Scenario Analysis, 3rd Party System Integration

Cash Forecasting

Short, Mid to Long Term, Budget Processing Analysis, 3rd Party Data Integration


MM, FX, Debt, Trade Finance, Bonds & Equities, Commodities, Funds & Investments, Fund Transfers, Facilities & Limits


Multi-Lingual Subsidiary, Portal: IC Order Processing, Netting, ZBA, IC Statement, IC Payments, etc.

Risk Management

Valuation Viewer, Risk Dashboards: Currency Risk, MTM, Counterparty Risk, Hedge Effectiveness

Activity Workflow & Payments

Multiple Authorisation, PGP Encryption, eSignature Authorisation, On the Go Smart Device, Payment Monitoring & Approval, Open Banking Payment APIs, SWIFT, Host2Host, 3rd Party Bureau Services

Accounting Interface

Downstream System, Compatibility, Sub Ledger, GL Transactions, MTM, Valuations, Accruals


Big Data, Dynamic Dashboard Designer, Flexible Standard Report Library

An exceptionally unique experience

System Integration

& Automation

Salmon Treasurer features flexible interfacing, both incoming and outgoing and can work with any file format required. This means there is no requirement to deliver data in a specific format to the system, including bank statements, trading platforms, market data, ERP integration and more. Salmon Treasurer will produce any required outgoing format, including payment files, journals for the ERP, internal reporting systems, etc. All interfaces can be automated, requiring no user intervention for seamless integration.

Treasury Management System - Office
Treasury Management System - PC
Treasury Management System - Office

Single Tenant Environment

Salmon Treasurer is offered as a SaaS solution, but unlike many other multi-tenant solutions, each client receives a dedicated environment on the Microsoft Azure platform. This ensures there is flexible and secure technical integration, covering any third-party requirement while ensuring there is never a risk of data cross-contamination between multiple tenants. Furthermore, as detailed above regarding payment and statement connectivity, it also ensures that a client’s confidential data is never moving across a shared platform.

Dedicated Treasury Management

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