Intercompany Processing

Utilise your working capital and maintain intercompany relationships with no need for mirroring

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Real-time reporting

Report and view on the IC position from either perspective in real time  

Intercompany position keeping without the need for mirroring

Generate & distribute IC statements automatically


Salmon Treasurer features an Intercompany Position Keeping Module allows users to record and monitor all intercompany positions including intercompany loans and pooling movements including ZBAs.

Our intercompany processing module has the ability to

  • track all intercompany positions from both parties' perspectives, removing the need for mirroring
  • record both intercompany loans with fixed maturities as well as open ended relationships
  • report on and view the intercompany position in real time
  • record the required movements on an intercompany position
  • calculate and track interest in real time including capitalisation
  • apply intercompany thresholds, tolerances or limits to accounts
  • produce intercompany statements and automate their distribution
  • automate journal postings in real time or on demand
  • automate transaction-level matching, reconciliation, and elimination processes identifying and matching transactions between subsidiaries

Multi-lateral netting

Salmon Treasurer features a dedicated Intercompany Multi-lateral Netting module with the ability to setup multiple netting centres and assign participants as well as defining settlement currencies, settlement types per participant such as cash or non-cash settlements and include default settlement accounts. 


We will ensure that the desired output is tailored to your needs. It can have a form of a standard report or flexible dashboards. Users can easily export dashboarding to Excel, PDF and image files while formal reporting can be exported to any format required.

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6. 3. 2023

Designing a Robust and Scalable Treasury Policy for an International Business

Before 2014, Dechra's treasury operations were decentralised, with each subsidiary managing its own cash and treasury functions then they implemented a TMS from Salmon Software

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14. 2. 2022

The ins and outs of intercompany netting

Intercompany netting is well known to reduce settlement and currency risk. But the use of a netting centre also poses huge growth potential.

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20. 11. 2020

Intercompany Position Keeping - A Nightmare or a Dream

Intercompany position keeping is if one entity lends money to another entity and charges interest on it. Simple, right? WRONG.