Financial Planning

Compare your forecast with actuals and find the causes of deviation

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Unlimited Cash-flow Types & Flexible Time Horizons

Automated Integration with any 3rd Party System

Seamlessly integrate with ERPs and other systems to collect forecast data

Variance and Trend Analysis

Compare forecast to actuals

Cash Forecasting

Subsidiaries can be given access to key in forecasts directly onscreen including an authorization process for submitted forecasts as well as the ability to automatically interface and import forecast data from other systems such as ERPs.

Forecast cycles can be defined as a rolling basis for any time periods required, including, daily, weekly and monthly cycles and the system provides an adaptable timeline to view forecast information as well as forecasts originating from treasury activity such as upcoming interest and capital repayments. 

Cash management

Salmon Treasurer offers its users a real time view of current cash positions, carrying out tasks such as reconciliation and short term liquidity planning, cash pooling (both physical and notional), reporting and more, with the emphasis on automation.


All forecast data can also be displayed in dynamic dashboards giving unlimited flexibility in how the data is aggregated and laid out. This also facilitates analysis such as variance and trend analysis on actuals to forecasts, forecast cycle versus previous forecast cycle and more.

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Success stories

Case studies
15. 1. 2024

Time to Fly: Aergo Capital In Control With Salmon Software’s TMS

International aircraft leasing firm Aergo Capital saw exactly what it needed in Salmon Software, as its finance and funding leaders explain.

25. 7. 2023

Raiffeisen Digital Bank Selects Salmon Treasurer for their Treasury Needs

Raiffeisen Digital Bank will be adopting Salmon Software’s Treasury Management System ‘Salmon Treasurer’, deployed on Microsoft Azure, allowing the organisation to scale their resources up or down as needed.

White papers
20. 4. 2023

Cash-Flow – The lifeblood of every business

Cash flow forecasting is a financial management tool used to predict the expected cash inflows and outflows of a business over a specific period of time.