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White papers
8. 8. 2023

Cleared For Take-Off: Salmon TMS Gives Aviation Treasurers Essential Visibility

Salmon Software did not set out to attract the aviation sector per se, but the platform’s flexibility gave it the edge when meeting the nuanced needs of that sector, notes Ward. 

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20. 4. 2023

Cash-Flow – The lifeblood of every business

Cash flow forecasting is a financial management tool used to predict the expected cash inflows and outflows of a business over a specific period of time.

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14. 2. 2022

The ins and outs of intercompany netting

Intercompany netting is well known to reduce settlement and currency risk. But the use of a netting centre also poses huge growth potential.

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24. 1. 2022

Does the 2021 UK government budget help fund TMS?

Investment into R&D has always been important, but perhaps never more so than at the moment, with a global economy that has now withstood the best part of two years of covid-related battering.

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8. 6. 2021

Technology needed to address Sonia complexities

If you’re taking a new loan or swap and tying it to Libor for the remainder of this period, to me that would be short sighted.

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12. 4. 2021

To drive fast, you need a powerful car

Real Time Cash Management is an effective toolkit, bringing to life the movements in your cash positions through interactive dashboards

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20. 11. 2020

Intercompany Position Keeping - A Nightmare or a Dream

Intercompany position keeping is if one entity lends money to another entity and charges interest on it. Simple, right? WRONG.

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8. 10. 2020

Secrets of Implementing a Successful Treasury Management System

You will find out what questions should you ask yourself in order to implement a treasury management system successfully.

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27. 6. 2020

Cash is King & Automation Rules

Cash management is reliant on strong treasury management systems with a focus on data integration & automation of services

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26. 5. 2020

LIBOR Transition to SONIA "Doesn't Need to be Painful"

IBOR Transition to SONIA - The process of moving to the new rate doesn’t have to be as strenuous as many believe.

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7. 5. 2020

Information on LIBOR Transition Thin on the Ground

Regardless of the unanswered questions for a post-LIBOR market, and the current rate of updating systems, the regulators could not be clearer - LIBOR is going to end.

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17. 1. 2020

Treasury Managers Avoiding Blockchain Like the Plague

Firms are currently preparing for the transition away from the LIBOR reference interest rate that has been used for several decades

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14. 11. 2019

Secrets of Selecting the Right TMS

What are the typical criteria you should care for in your treasury management selection process? Find out more!

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7. 8. 2019

A Practical User Guide to Implementing a Successful TMS

A practical guide to those about to embark on their TMS journey on how to avoid the pitfalls in selecting and implementing a system.

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7. 7. 2019

How To Manage Cash Properly

Cash Management and Cash Forecasting, the top of the list of requirements when selecting and implementing a TMS.