Risk Management

Salmon Treasurer plays a crucial role of managing exposure to FX risk, interest rate risk, counterparty risk, liquidity risk and more

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Automated limit and exposure monitoring

Carry out valuations

Freely interface with any 3rd party risk system

Custom KPI monitoring

Use dashboard designer and create your own risk metrics

Salmon Treasurer’s Risk management capability supports the finance department in its crucial role of managing exposure to foreign exchange risk, interest rate risk, counterparty risk and liquidity risk. 

The system helps treasurers monitor risk KPIs, setup and monitor limits and view in real time the results.

In combination with the dashboarding capabilities it gives users the power to efficiently aggregate information from a variety of sources to help calculate overall exposures; forecast, compare and model (potential) risk scenarios; support enterprise risk management and organisational strategy; interface with risk providers to both send portfolios for valuation and import and hold a full valuation history.

Risk management reporting

Salmon Treasurer’s risk reporting capabilities include exposure reporting, interest and FX rate sensitivity reporting, mark to market reporting and hedge effectiveness reporting.

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