Dealing Instruments

Manage instruments such as MM (Money Market), FX (Foreign Exchange), Funds Transfer, Facilities Transfer, Long-term Scheduling, Trade Finance, Commodities, and Intercompany Position Keeping.

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Depth of Instrument Coverage

Specialist Areas such as Commodities and Trade Finance

Flexible Capital & Interest Schedule Management

The Money Market Module

The Money Market Module lets users record, monitor and deal across the following deposits, borrowings and derivatives:

DEPOSITS: Fixed Term, Government Guarantee, Bank Guarantee, Exchequer Notes, Commercial Paper/Interest Basis, Commercial Paper/Price Basis, Sell Future, Standard Discount, Discount to Yield, Sell a Call, Market DTY, Section 69, Sell a Put, Short Term Bond, Purchase CD, UK Tax Lease, Reverse Repo, Purchase Zero Coupon CD, Dual Currency.

BORROWINGS: Fixed Term, Exchequer Notes, Commercial Paper/Interest Basis, Commercial Paper/Price Basis, Standard Discount, Discount to Yield, Market DTY, Government Guarantee, Bank Guarantee, Section 69, Short Term Bond, Issue CD, UK Tax Lease, Repo, Issue Zero Coupon CD, Dual Currency.

DERIVATIVES: Buy FRA, Sell FRA, Option to Buy FRA, Option to Sell FRA, Buy Future, Sell Future, Buy a Call, Sell a Call, Buy a Put, Sell a Put.

Foreign Exchange Module

The Foreign Exchange Module allows users to record, monitor and deal across Spots, Forward Contracts, NDFs, Short-term Swaps, and Buy and Sell Calls, Puts, Caps, Collars and Floors.

Funds Transfer Module

The Funds Transfer Module allows users to record and monitor all payments, receipts and inter-account transfers.

Facilities Transfer Module

The Facilities Module provides the opportunity to record all required facility agreements including rolling credit and syndicated facilities.

Users can draw down on any facilities within their stipulated limits and across any of the dealing modules.

They can also calculate and view utilisation across all facilities within the system and to view all movements associated with the facilities.

The Module allows users to calculate and record a range of fees including commitment and utilisation fees (and accruals) across all facilities as well as agency fees and set-up fees.

Long-Term Scheduling Module

The Long-Term Scheduling Module allows users to record, monitor and deal across the following instruments:

Sub-Participation, Operating Lease, Index Linked Debt.

LENDING: Diminishing Balance, Annuity Lease, Bonds, Zero Coupon Bonds, FRNs, Guarantee, Annuity Bond, MTN, Fund Investment, UK Tax Lease, PP,  Name Registered Certificate, Life Assurance, Sub-Participation, Deferred Sale, Aircraft Lease.

SWAPS: Standard, Asset Backed, Liability Backed, Currency, Asset Currency, Liability Currency, Buy a Swap Option, Sell a Swap Option, Index Linked Swaps.


Users can easily create any capital and interest schedules required including amortising profiles or any other capital schedule required, with interest automatically calculated. This included fixed and floating rates as well as new risk-free rates such as SONIA with full support for market standard calculation methods, interest basis and settlement day conventions. The modules feature built in rate fixing tools.

More about risk-free rates

Trade Finance

The Trade Finance Module allows users to record, monitor and deal across Letters of Credit, Guarantee, Comfort and Support with a full transaction schedule created for each deal.

The Commodities Module

The Commodities Module allows users to record, monitor and deal across options, futures and swaps. Unlimited commodity types can be setup including pricing tables.

Intercompany Position Keeping Module

The Intercompany Position Keeping Module allows users to record and monitor all intercompany positions. This includes the ability to: track all intercompany positions from both parties' perspectives, record the required movements on an intercompany position calculate and track interest apply intercompany limits to accounts produce intercompany statements The module covers Intercompany Funding, Zero Balance Accounts [ZBAs], External Funding - National Accounts and Money Market Funds

More about IC processing

Money Market Funds

Users will be able to record and monitor all Money Market Fund positions required. Money Market Fund accounts can be created. Subscriptions, redemptions and overall balances on each fund will be recorded and monitored within the system. Rate tables can be attached for any interest calculation. All the required data can be automatically imported from a money market funds trading platform on an automated basis.

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Success Stories

26. 11. 2021

Risk Free Rates - IBOR Transition

Salmon Treasurer is capable of recording any Risk-Free Rate, we can mention SONIA, SOFR, SARON, TONA & €STER as the most common ones.

Press releases
31. 8. 2021

Tackling the Complexities of IBOR Transition

Is your treasury management system ready to accommodate the new way of capturing the information from their transactions and deals?

8. 7. 2021

Tackling the Complexities of IBOR Transition

Corporates will need, sooner or later, to move to RFRs, the most known ones are SONIA, SOFR, €STER & SARON. Salmon Treasurer supports all of these RFRs.