Microsoft Azure Cloud

Using Microsoft’s Azure cloud, Salmon Software offers Salmon Treasurer and the Salmon Treasurer multi-lingual web Portal so that the client can select a packaged level of functionality that suits the requirements of their Treasury Operations.

Using the different functions users are able to start at a basic level, to simply review Cash Management, check on non-reconciled Items and the successful Integration of forecasting using within Multi-Book, Multi-Tiered cash forecasting tools. Growing through to Notional & Multi-Tiered Physical Cash Pooling or Centralised/De-Centralised web based user intercompany interaction onto full Risk and Exposure analysis the whole Treasury Group.

Functional growth is available on the same platform, database and operation as the users requirements evolve. Salmon Treasurer for central treasury, in conjunction with the Salmon Treasuerer multi-lingual web Portal for subsidiaries, allows corporate business and treasury operations to become secure and gain control, while remaining flexible and cost effective.

Dedicated Treasury Management

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